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DCHOA PRO 1000W Handheld Baking Lamp

PRO 1000W Handheld Baking Lamp


PRO 1000W Handheld Baking Lamp

Brand: DCHOA

Item No.: DC-IR1 


1.Can be used to soften trim moldings during windscreens replacement or strips removal.Heat up aluminum to repair aluminum-body vehicles,pull a dent,or remove ornaments and adhesive,car wrap film etc 

2.Portable design:easy to cure edges,small spots,and hard-to-reach areas.Switch is located right next to the handle for ease of operation 

3.Powerful direct penetration into the inner layer of paint.Completely dries two-pack paints within 15 minutes and polyester putty in 5 minutes 

4.Shortwave infrared emitter modules with high light emitting efficiency,long life emitter,life span up to 6000 hours 

5.Safe handle to avoid high temperature,even heat radiation,low power consumption

Good effective reflectors

It uses gold-coated shortwave tubes and gold-coated reflectors with 97% high reflectivity and strong anti-oxidation. Solary's IR dryers have world's top drying capacity.The cassette unit uses specially designed reflectors to provide a more even heat distribution


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