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DCHOA Aluminum Alloy Rotary Gap Cutter

Aluminum Alloy Rotary Gap Cutter


Aluminum Alloy Rotary Gap Cutter

Brand: DCHOA

Item No.: DC-0075


Roller-guided vinyl knife for safe cuts in car body gaps


prevent ugly zig-zag cuts on parts like car doors and fuel filler caps. So we invented the SasserCut gap cutter for him. 


Its steel blade is guided by a conically shaped support wheel which prevents the blade from moving up and down or left and right within the gap, depending on the direction the cut is made. 


SasserCut Pro features a standard blade immersion depth of 4.6 mm. With the SasserCut Roll replacement rollers, additional cutting depths of 4.0 and 6.3 and 7.8mm can be used if needed.


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